PAUL HORNER is "the Internet's most prolific hoax artist," according to The Washington Post. For once, he tells the truth, in his own words, in a shocking confession: "The Trump campaign agreed to pay me nearly $2M to flood Facebook with lies, half-truths, and propaganda throughout 2016." 


The Problem

"Fake News" is one of the biggest information problems in the world right now. Until superior algorithms can be developed by Google & Facebook, we are all at the mercy of online pranksters and malicious disinformation experts, such as Russian hackers, spies, and hired writers, as well as alternative media entrepreneurs like myself, who trade in mixing fact with fiction. I did not realize the real-world damage that my work was causing, but now that I have seen the light, I feel compelled to come forward with the truth. READ THE STATEMENT.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert skewers Paul Horner and "Fake News."

“Truth and falsehood, it has been well said, are not always opposed to each other like black and white, but oftentimes, and by design, are made to resemble each other so as to be hardly indistinguishable, just as the counterfeit thing is counterfeit because it resembles the genuine thing."


I wish I could take back what I have done. Sadly, I had to learn the hard way the high cost of lying for a living, and so I have decided to try to do something positive with the ill-earned income. I have chosen to donate the nearly $2M paid to me by the Trump campaign to my charitable initiative, SockItForward, which provides socks for homeless people in my hometown city of Phoenix, AZ. Please support the wonderful work of our organization, which provides fresh socks to the homeless.