The NY Post calls PAUL HORNER an "online jokester," Business Insider labeled him "one of the original kings of fake news," and The Washington Post says he is "the Internet's most prolific hoax artist." Though he prefers to consider his work parody or satire, Horner is now widely-regarded as a pioneer of the so-called "fake news" genre that has irreversibly changed the world, (unintentionally) ushering in Donald J. Trump as the utterly unqualified "Leader of the Free World." His various articles were shared by millions during the 2016 election, primarily by GOP voters, triggering both Google and Facebook to announce new initiatives to combat the "problem of fake news." Even President Obama was forced to weigh in. 

Horner has been perpetrating pranks and hoaxes online for nearly two decades, taking credit for such classics as pretending to be the elusive European street artist Banksy, as well as originating the eminently believable (fake) story that legendary comic actor Bill Murray would be going on a nationwide "party crashing tour." Before those sensationalist headlines, Horner also spent years domain trading and cybersquatting several high profile trademarks, including legendary court battles with, Inc. (2003) and Microsoft Corporation (2002). "It's not my fault these mega-corporations are run by incompetent fools who fail to register their trademarked names," he commented after losing to "In this Internet Age, what kind of an idiot does not register his or her own domain name, especially when their entire enterprise resides online?" said Horner.

On December 9th, 2016, he shocked the world with his confession that the Trump campaign agreed to pay him nearly $2M over the course of the 2016 election, to write and publish false and/or misleading news stories about Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and various Democratic party leaders. [READ HIS STATEMENT.]

[For a more detailed catalogue of Paul's hoaxes, viral news hits, and satirical writings, please visit his personal page at the NEWSEXAMINER.NET website.]